Friday, 29 April 2016

Zara does Acne

Photos by Imogen Chappell

Jacket - Zara
T-shirt - Zara
Jeans - ASOS
Shoes - Birkenstocks
Bag - LUSH
Watch - Olivia Burton via ASOS (Vegan alternative here)

As soon as I picked up this jacket I knew I had to share it on here. 'Inspired' by Acne's timeless biker design, Zara have done a cracking job of making a £1,500+ jacket both fall into my price range at £40, and vegan. Initially I purchased the mustard yellow version, but as previously mentioned had a faff with it being marked when I got it home and therefore had to return it. I then saw Megan Ellaby wearing the blue version on her Instagram, and decided to opt for it the second time around.

The pop of colour lends itself well to my entirely black wardrobe, and thus far I've been enjoying wearing it with Birkenstocks for a spring appropriate look, and platform boots and an oversized peplum t-shirt for a casual evening look. Glastonbury this summer is always at the back of my mind too, and I frequently have revision induced daydreams of me frolicking in muddy fields to good music in a pair of black Levi 501 shorts, a black tee, this jacket, my black hunters and some wayfarers. Festival chic am I right??

Anyway, there's my faux-Acne jacket, or FAcne if you will. Will any of you be rushing to Zara to grab one?

Friday, 8 April 2016

Unintended Results

Outfit 1:
Coat: Zara*
Dress: (unseen) Zara (similar here)

Outfit 2:
Shirt: Urban Outfitters (similar here)
Dress: Zara (similar here)
Shoes: ASOS*
Bag: Zara (old)

This post hasn't come out the way I wanted it to. In my mind it was going to be a kind of 'How to style a dress two ways' type post, but sadly when I flicked through the photos Imogen and I shot I didn't have enough to do that. I thought I'd post the two I did have regardless, as I think they're both pretty standard daily outfits for me.

The first is my new vegan Docs' debut on the blog. I'm still in the process of breaking them in, but I really love them. Especially with the weather getting slightly nicer, it's nice to whack out my ankles in homage to the (ever) impending spring. My LUSH tote is also a fairly permanent fixture in my wardrobe rotation as it fits a tonne in and expels my ethical views, which is always a nice conversation starter. As I mentioned in a previous post, I adore my grey coat and using it as an example of 'colour' in my ever monochrome wardrobe. I do however think it's quite sad when people remark I look colourful because I'm wearing grey. I'm in the process of trying to add a little more colour to my wardrobe and just purchased a mustard yellow biker jacket, but will sadly be unable to feature it on the blog until I've exchanged it because it had a massive biro stain on it when I went to put it on upon returning home. First world probs am I right?

Perhaps my second outfit can actually be thought of as colourful due to the checked shirt and coordinating bag and lipstick combo. I've previously confessed my highly divisive relationship with the LA Splash Couture lipsticks, but anything which fills the MAC 'Media' shaped hole in my cruelty free makeup collection is okay with me. I chose to offset the deep tones of the outfit with my white Stan Smiths after seeing someone wearing them with black tights on Pinterest

So, there you have two outfits which I will commonly be seen in. Fingers crossed there should be another fashion post up next Friday, but my reserves of photos are now empty so it depends if I can bribe some friends into taking my photos. Fingers crossed someone will oblige. 

Friday, 1 April 2016

Nude Shoes

Images by Imogen Chappell

Hat - Topshop (old)
Coat - ASOS*
T-shirt - Zara
Jeans - ASOS
Shoes - Zara
Bag - Zara (similar)
Lips - LA Splash Couture in 'ghoulish'

Yet another all black look from me (surprise surprise). As per usual I relied on my lipstick and accessories to deviate from my standard uniform. I've had this bag since last summer now and I still utterly adore it. The cut and shape of it alludes to COS's far more pricey leather offering, which perfectly satisfies me as I'm a (very) poor student who doesn't purchase leather. Also, Zara have just brought this bag out in three new colours - a Wes Anderson pink (which I may have already picked up...), a mustard yellow, and a silver (as linked above.)

The shoes are another Zara classic and are evidently inspired by Stella McCartney's 'Elysee' shoes which I am determined to own some day soon because they're so dreamy to the point that I daydream about flouncing round campus in them. For now though, these'll have to do. They've been a real pain to break in and still aren't the most comfy of shoes, but the look good and no pain, no gain am I right?

I first saw this lipstick shade on Sunbeamsjess' Youtube and proceeded to order it and two other of LA Splash's offerings. They're a pain to put on and off, but 'ghoulish' is unlike any other nude shade I own and makes me look dead due to its lilac-y undertones. Not to everyones tastes but I've never been one to dress for other people anyway. I know my boyfriend hates it...

If there are any other posts you'd like to see, let me know in the comments below!

Friday, 25 March 2016

Converse and my Kanken

Coat - Zara*
Top - Zara
Jeans - ASOS
Shoes - Converse via ASOS
Kanken - ASOS
Bobble hat - Topshop (old)

I recently treated myself to a pair of black high top converse after seeing multiple pictures of (queen) Alexa Chung wearing them. I've always had a battered pair of white high tops and black low tops but felt that I should've purchased them in the opposite styles to the ones I went with. I'm still trying to scuff my new ones up, a task which is taking surprisingly long considering how much I trip over. 

For this outfit I decided to dress fairly casually, as always, and pair my converse with my favourite grey Zara coat, black skinnies and a t-shirt. I like the fact that black base makes the grey of the coat stand out, whilst the red detracts from the giant dark circles which constantly grace my under eyes. These factors combined mean I can still wear a lot of black but trick people into thinking I'm wearing colour, which is always nice.

PS: The collar of my coat is annoying me just as much as it is you. Oh well, blogging is one massive learning curve isn't it.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Eating vegan at : Zizzi

A common misconception about veganism is that it's difficult to eat out, and we only eat salads. As you can probably tell by the above photos, neither of these assumptions are true. Zizzi, a popular Italian chain with branches around the UK have gone so far as to release a vegan menu (!!!) and I felt that it was my duty, as a foodie, to try and support it. I went with the lovely Imogen who takes my blog photos to the Cresswell Lane restaurant in Glasgow's West End.

For starters I went for the (vegan) garlic bread whilst Imogen went for the bruschetta. My garlic bread was incredible, and the sheer quantity of it definitely made up for the £4.50 price tag. Unlike traditional garlic bread, made with garlic butter, the vegan garlic bread is baked with fresh crushed garlic and herbs which makes it crispy and flavoursome. Imogen said that the bruschetta was the best she's ever had, but we both remarked on how small the portion was for the price she paid, so perhaps that's something that can be rectified in the future. 

For mains we both went for the vegan margarita which came with rice milk mozzarella. I just kept mine plain and Imogen had mushrooms and artichokes on hers. We both maintained that the pizza was the best vegan one we've ever tasted. Zizzi got the taste and the texture of the mozzarella spot on to the point that it tasted like normal mozzarella which is still pretty rare to come across with regards to vegan cheeses. I also had a side of tuscan potatoes which were crispy and flavoured and complimented the pizza perfectly. 

I'm more of a savoury person myself, but Imogen went for one of the vegan desserts too - the nectarini to be specific. The menu describes it as being two nectarine halves filled with coconut and mango gelato, and gelato it was. I had a spoonful and it was so dense and creamy that I don't think you would notice it wasn't dairy based.

All in all, Imogen and I had a great time trying out the new menu, and are already making plans to return again for the pizza. I'd thoroughly recommend it, plant based or not.

Here's a 25% discount code that I found incase this post inspires you to visit!

(All photos taken by Rhiannon Norman on the Olympus E-PL7)

Friday, 18 March 2016

Back to Black


Coat: ASOS*
Jeans: ASOS
Shoes: ASOS*
Backpack: ASOS
Watch: ASOS*
Lipstick: Nars 'Dragon Girl'

This outfit has been one of my staples of late as it revolves around my two main loves - the colour black, and trainers. On top of paying homage to the Swedes who, in my mind, dominate the street style game, this outfit it also incredibly comfortable meaning I can power walk (read: sprint) to my 10 am Lit lectures. The Kanken also means I have ample space to store any books or my laptop without compromising on aesthetics. A red lip is a real wardrobe staple for me as I don't wear much colour so lipstick really lifts an outfit from bordering on the dull. The Stan Smiths sadly aren't vegan and were purchased prior to my change, so fingers crossed Adidas'll see the light and bring out a vegan pair by the time these ones wear out because they're a true classic.

Let me know if there are any other posts you'd like to see whether they're fashion, beauty, food or lifestyle related!

Monday, 14 March 2016

New Beginnings...

So I'm going to start blogging again. It's been an obscenely long time coming and a combination of laziness, pessimism and perfectionism that have all contributed to it taking so long. But I'm finally going to pull my fingers out my ass and stick to it.

In this regeneration of my blog, I'm going to be predominantly focussing on fashion and personal style as it's the type of blog I enjoy reading the most and also pertains to my desired career path - fur-less vegan fashion mogul hellooooooo. I've also enlisted the help of my lovely friend and photographer extraordinaire Imogen (for her photography page click here) so hopefully the image content on here will surpass anything I've posted before, even if it does still feature me posing awkwardly and attempting to look candid (#bloggerprobs). I also treated myself to an Olympus Pen E-PL7 over Christmas so hopefully that'll see me through my own amateur photography.

Alongside fashion I'm keen to have a variety of other beauty, food and lifestyle posts - all of which with an ethical bias as being vegan is such an important part of my life, so let me know if there are any posts you're interested in seeing. I'm also going to set myself the goal of getting two posts up a week on a Monday and a Friday - one fashion and one miscellaneous - but obviously this may be inconsistent for a while as the ever dreaded exam season is quickly approaching. 

Anyway, that's enough from me. I'm back bloggin' and the first fashion post should be up on Friday!